The Morley Club started out when nine gentlemen decided to form a solo whist club.  On the 12th December 1919 a meeting was held in the Burlington Hotel and the gentlemen guaranteed and contributed £10 each as capital.

The nine gentlemen were; R Gilbert, S Simon, W H F Wortley, F C Knowles, E C Rolfe, Major J H Jones, B A Watts, A J Bartram and E Chritopherson.

On the 26th January 1920 at a meeting at Barclays Bank Mr. C A Sadler, a local builder, made an offer for use of a wooden hut which had been used in the first world war as a YMCA hut for the troops on Morris Street Car Park.  Mr Sadler had the hut removed and set up on the present site.  It was agreed to start the club on 1st March 1920 and name it “The Morley Club”.

Mr. A. A. Lockyer was appointed steward from 1st October 1920 at £2-10 per week with half day Tuesdays.  Bar times were 11.15am to 1.15pm; 2.15pm to 3.15pm and 6.00.pm to 10.00 pm.

A billiard table was later purchased from Drayton Hall (the present table 4) and the second table was purchased much later in 1951 from the Sheringham Hotel.

In 1921 Mr. Mills agreed to lay a bowling green for £16 and in April 1923 a bowls league was entered.  In 1937 the green was extended by three yards to the East taking in the path and garden in order to enter the EBA bowls league.  In 1939 the club was affiliated to the EBA and NCBA.

In 1977 the new lounge was built and the old hut was sold.  The present club house was completed in 1979.

In 1921 the membership fee was one guinea per annum.  Bowls 1 penny per game of 9 up and to play card games each member was charged 1 penny.

How things have changed!